Our Mission for Special Olympics Athletes

Join Us as we support Special Olympics Athletes with our spectacular new addition to the Polar Plunge!

And You Can Help Too! From Home!

How can you Join Our Team? Any item you purchase starting now until our plunge this Saturday, 100% of profits will be donated to Special Olympics.

And you get 20% Off! Use Code: iSupportSpecialOlympicsAthletes

And because of your contribution to support Special Olympics Athletes, your name will be also added to our Team Plunge Shirt…

That’s right, you are coming along for the RIDE!

Meet The Team

Team Captain
Dustin Grice

Ramp Riders
Kenny Short
Kyle Heaser
Sean McElroy

Jeff McLearen

Team Plungers
Amy Clark
Cody Schram
Zachary Christian
Carson Schwamb
Cole Meyer
Chase Zimmer
Isaac Zimmer
Johnathan Bovee

Media Team
Doug Griess
Vicki Buck
Erica Wyman
Micah Norberg
Fred Sobottka
Robert Jara

Home Supporters & Donations
Cathy Frances
Joni Griess
Gage Carbajal
Butch Lehman
Winna Bernard
Zimmer Family
Griff Wigley
Anaya Brothers
Paul Howlett
Yoga MN & Nicki Schwamb
DWA & Joshua Guyer
B. Brice
The Lobergs
Marcy & Joel
Sarah Gorski
Molly P
Mary Baker
The Lucitos
Tapa Dan
Donna Mama
Harris Family
Zach Raph Hair
Brynne Hempel
The Roommates!
Angie Short
Janet Alden
Mom & Pops Short!
Tre Dog
Alivia & Megan Reed
Gene & Ila Classen
Alix, Alayna, Colten, Josh
Sophia Christian
Danielle Bloomquist
Leslie Crow
Grandma & Grandpa Zimmer
Ed & Tam Ward
Great Grandpa Zimmer
Sandy Lherault
The Shimanski’s
Happy Jumping
Steve Stonelake

Your name could be NEXT!

Use Code: iSupportSpecialOlympicsAthletes

See all donations here: https://reg.plungemn.org/group/ridemn